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These are just a few of the compliments we receive from our customers. From wall cracks to window pockets and sump pumps, our commitment to doing the job right means you'll never have to worry or call another basement repair company. Check out some of our client testimonials to see why we're the most trusted basement repair company serving Southeast Michigan.

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Everything you need to fix and restore your home's basement.

Suburban Basement Waterproofing specializes in restoring and fixing your home’s basement and cement issues. Based in Macomb County, we have proudly provided service throughout Southeastern Michigan since 2003. Free estimates, extraordinary attention to detail and a lifetime transferable warranty make Suburban Basement the obvious choice for your home’s basement and cement repair needs.

Wall Cracks

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I-Beam Pockets

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Drain Tile

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Epoxy Flooring

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Competitors attempt to divert a Foundation Leak
and not actually seal or repair it.

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Sump Pump

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cracks in basement walls develop?
Most cracks are caused by uneven settling of the foundation. All foundations settle, but not all portions settle uniformly, which causes cracks to develop. Other factors, including improper concrete mix, premature back filling, uneven moisture around the foundation, and plumbing leaks, can all contribute to the appearance and severity of cracks.

Do cracks mean that my home is structurally unsound?
Most common foundation cracks pose no structural problems. The biggest issue is water leakage, which can damage finished basements and contribute to corrosion of the reinforcing steel inside the wall. If left unchecked, a small crack can grow larger and eventually pose a structural risk.

My home is a new construction. Why are cracks appearing so soon?
Houses settle the most when they are first built. Light cracking will typically develop in the first month, and more obvious foundation cracks within the first year.

Can I seal the crack by covering it with mortar?
Surface repairs will not permanently seal a crack. If the crack is leaking, water will find its way around, or even through, the mortar patching. The best way to permanently seal a crack is by injecting it with an epoxy polymer. This fills the full depth of the crack to prevent further erosion, and eliminates the effects of further foundation settlement.

Another company performed waterproofing work on my basement, and the final product was less-than satisfactory. How does Suburban Basement finish their work?
Many companies consider the example at left as their finished product. As you can see, it is less-than appealing. We always complete our work by making a flush surface that can be easily painted or finished. We also offer spray-coating, which adds a uniformly finished look to the entire basement wall.

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What People Say About Us

We had a few companies come out and give us an estimate for our foundation repair. Suburban Basement had the most logical and cost effective solution. One company insisted we install an interior drainage system that cost in excess of $15,000.00, another company insisted digging up the exterior of my foundation would solve the problem and at a cost of $7000.00, Suburban Basement did an epoxy injection to repair a crack in the foundation at a cost under $300. It’s good to know there are still some honest contractors out there.

Rochester Hills

I buy and sell properties for a living and we started using Suburban Basement a few years back. Not only are their services priced reasonably, they never try to sell you a service that you don’t need. That’s why I refer them to anyone looking for a basement repair company.

Macomb Township

My husband and I had a company come out to repair a leak in our basement wall. We continued to have problems with the repair this company made, and they came back at least 5-6 times over the spam of 1 year, and still couldn’t resolve the problem. A friend gave us Suburban’s number and insisted we try them. To be honest we were apprehensive given the ordeal this other company put us through. Suburban came out and repaired the previous botched repair job and at a considerably less cost.It’s been over a year and still no leaks. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering a basement repair company.

Linda and Stever
Port Huron

I called a few companies out to give us an estimate to repair what turned out to be a drain tile issue with our home.  Suburban Basement’s number was given to us by 2 different friends of ours, so they already impressed us with that. They explained to us that we did have a drain tile issue based on the fact that the wall showed no signs of moisture, and that the water was only coming up at the base where the floor meets the wall. So no outside digging was necessary. Mind you that they also did outside repairs when needed. They explained the whole process of why it leaked, how to repair the problem, and which methods are the appropriate ways to repair each issue. We were pleased that they took the time to go over every detail and question we had, made us feel confident that they were the right choice.

Lincoln Park