Why and How to Perform a Water Test

Water Test Performance Diagram

Why and How to Perform a Water Test

September 14, 2022

Some crack repairs may require a touch-up to completely seal the area. Performing the water test helps to ensure the repair is effective.

Depending on the type of Foundation Repair you receive, you may be asked to perform a Water Test.

This helps to ensure that the Repair is sufficient.

When possible, we ask that this test is performed two days in a row for best results. It is especially important to perform the test twice when finishing the repaired area.

To complete the test, run a hose outside, on the wall adjacent to the repair area. You will want to run the hose for 20-30 minutes. After running the hose go to the basement and see if any of the water is coming through. If there are no signs of leaking, you are all set. If you see signs of leaking, mark the area and take a picture. 

Here are the instructions on performing your water test:


!! Do not perform the water test the same day of the repair. !!


1.  Take a Picture or Note how the repaired area looks before starting the test.

2. Run a garden hose outside next to the area that was leaking. 

3. Run water for about 30 minutes.

4. Check the area that was repaired to see if there is any Leaking or changes from how it looked before the test. 

5. If Leaking occurs, mark the area, take a picture if you can and contact us to set up a follow-up appointment. 

6. If there is no Leaking, please let us know this as well.

At Suburban Basement we want to make sure that each and every repair we complete is Quality workmanship, Effective and Reliable. When we ask you to complete a Water Test, we are looking out for your interests. Contact us directly if you have questions about performing a Water Test.

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