Waterproofing and Custom Foundation Repairs

Examples of Foundation Repairs

Your Home’s Integrity Rests on its Foundation. Finding an Issue with that Foundation can be Disheartening. It can feel like you are forever chasing leaks and if Ignored the problem only becomes worse. Our take on Waterproofing and Repair is to get to the Source of the Problem, not to simply chase Leaks. This can include any of the following repairs as well as any Custom Repairs that may be needed or Offered.


➤  Concrete Wall Crack Inject and Seal Repairs

➤  Concrete wall and floor Crack Carbon Fiber Staples

➤  Interior and Exterior Waterproofing with Water Barrier Membrane 

➤  Wall Bracing with Steel or Carbon Fiber Straps

➤  Window Pockets and I-Beam Pockets

➤  Interior Drain Tile / French Drain Systems

➤  Sump Pumps

➤  Rod Holes

➤  Excavating and Grading

➤  Concrete Leveling and Void Filling

➤  Custom Repairs


Custom foundation repairs

With over 20 years of Experience it would be easy to say that we’ve seen it all. Yet, we approach each Repair Job as an individual case. We understand that each problem is unique to that Home and that Basement. That is why we do not offer “one size fits all” Solutions. 


If you are having issues with Your Basement, Call Suburban Basement to get a Free and Honest Estimate Performed by the Owner. He has a keen eye for Foundations and a Background in Rough Carpentry all of which will give you the Best Options for Your Repair.


Suburban Basement offers Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs and Concrete Leveling in Southeastern Michigan. Stopping Leaks and keeping Basements Dry for over 20 years. We proudly serve Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Lapeer County and Wayne County. Most Repairs carry our Lifetime Transferable Warranty. 
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