Image of a Drain Tile System install in progress
When it comes to Drainage Systems, the goal is to divert water away from your Home’s Foundation. Excessive amounts of water around the Foundation can damage your Basement and eventually your Home. There are multiple types of Drainage Systems. All of them work in their own way to provide a path of least resistance for the water while directing it away from your Foundation.

Types and Names for Drainage Systems:

➤ French Drain

➤ Subsoil Drain

➤ Footing Drains

➤ Perimeter Drains

➤ Interior Drain Tile


Diagram of an Interior Drain Tile System
Interior Drain Tile Systems is the Drainage service that we provide here at Suburban Basement. This system is designed to handle any water that French Drains and Footing Drains are unable to keep up with. Your home's gutter system can become clogged or rust allowing water to leak into your basement. The same is true for French Drains and Footing drains, they can become crushed over the years by surrounding soil or become clogged as well.


In these cases, we would suggest an Interior Drain Tile System. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, It is designed to catch the excess water that the exterior drains cannot keep up with, considerably reducing the chances of water seeping through to the basement. The interior Drain Tile system is installed along a path of the perimeter towards the sump pump. A trench is dug where the drainpipe, also known as drain tile, will be placed giving the water a path to the sump pump which will pump excess water out and away from the foundation as needed. If your Basement does not already have a sump pump one will need to be installed. 


If you are experiencing water at your cove joints (where the floor meets the wall) ask an expert such as the Owner of Suburban Basement to assess the situation for you. A professional Waterproofer will be able to tell you if your home would benefit from an Interior Drain Tile System.

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