Helical Piers
Helical Pier Installation

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Foundations all experience Settling. Helical Piers are installed when the soil below the Foundation proves unable to support the weight of the structure. Helical Pier systems transfer the weight of the structure downwards to strong supporting soils, creating a solid supporting base for your Foundation.

Other Names for Helical Piers:

➤ Helical Pier
➤ Helical Pile
➤ Helical Anchors
➤ Helical Underpinning
➤ Screw Anchors
➤ Screw Piles

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Settling and Foundation issues can happen for a multitude of reasons. Whether it is from flooding, loose soil or improper construction, Helical Anchors will add the support and strength needed to stabilize the Foundation.

Helical Piers are used for:

➤ Providing Support and Strength to the Foundation
➤ Transferring the load of the structure to underlying stable soil, rock substrate
➤ Structural Remediation
➤ Raising, Stabilizing and realigning Foundations
➤ Deep Foundation Anchoring in unstable soil conditions
➤ All uses apply to Residential, Commercial and Industrial Constructions

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When a Structure or Home’s Foundation begins to fail due to lack of support from the substrate multiple issues can arise.

Lack of structural support issues:

➤ Cracks on interior plaster walls
➤ Uneven Floors
➤ Gaps in door or window frames
➤ Cracks in Basement walls
➤ Sinking, Tilting and unlevel Foundations
➤ Soil Erosion

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Helical Piers are widely considered the best option in Deep Foundation Systems, with numerous benefits over driven piles, drilled shafts, belled piers and the like.

Helical Piers advantages:

➤ No noise pollution
➤ Cost Effective
➤ Installation Process is quicker than other methods
➤ Little to No Disturbance to the job site
➤ Little to No Vibration
➤ Immediate Load Transfer upon Installation Completion
➤ Installs Below Active Soils
➤ Dependable Foundation Anchoring

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