I-beam pocket repair details
I-Beam Pocket Defined:

I-Beam Pockets refer to the “pocket” that is created during your foundation’s construction. An area at the top of your foundations wall is notched out to hold the I-Beam (the main weight carrying beam). This Beam is placed in the pockets of the concrete foundation to help carry and distribute the weight of the house.


The Issue with Beam Pockets:

The pockets that are created in the foundation can unfortunately be a weak point in the concrete and over time you can see cracks forming from the corners of the pocket. Most often the cracks that form are a result of settling or the concrete's natural shrinkage and can be repaired in the same manner that a wall crack would be. However sometimes you may have excess or uneven settling which requires a different type of repair.


Repair Details:

Our technicians begin a Beam Pocket Repair by removing the compromised cement from around the I-Beam. The Pocket around the Beam is then recemented and a polyurethane sealant is placed over the repaired area. Considering that Beam Pockets can be a natural area of weakness and concern, you can rest easy knowing that our repair comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.


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