Seawall Repair

Retaining Wall Restoration, Repairs and Soil Stabilization. 

Polyurethane Seawall Injection Applications for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.


Seawalls (also referred to as Breakwalls, Retaining Walls and Bulkheads) help to protect your home and business by providing a barrier between your land and the water. They are under constant pressure, which means they can deteriorate over time and become problematic. 


Seawall Failure issues:


 ➤ Further Degradation

 ➤ Continued Soil Erosion

 ➤ Dangerous Voids and Sinkholes

 ➤ No Water Barrier Protection

 ➤ Lower Property Value

 ➤ Costly to Rebuild


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 Maintaining your Bulkhead has multiple benefits that go beyond the value of your property. Our Polyurethane Injection Process (part of our GeoTech Services division) offers these benefits without the high cost and hassle of replacing the Retaining Wall.


Benefits of Seawall Maintenance:


➤ Displaces Standing Water

➤ Fills Cracks and Voids

➤ Seals and Repairs Watertight Barrier

➤ Adds Strength and stability to the Bulkhead

➤ Stops further Soil Erosion

➤ Reinforcing your seawall

➤ Strengthens the underlying Substrate

➤ Maintains  a level foundation for your home and property

➤ Increased Longevity of the Retaining Wall

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Watching for possible issues will allow them to be addressed and repaired before the problem is too great to restore. Poly Injection is an efficient and cost effective option if you are seeing signs of Seawall Failure.


Evidence Indicating a Seawall Failure:


 ➤ Cracks in the Seawall

 ➤ Concrete Slabs Leaning

 ➤ Loss of Soil behind the Retaining Wall

 ➤ Missing Soil and Sinkholes

 ➤ Upland Settlement

 ➤ Soil Erosion and Voids

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There are many elements that contribute to the degradation of Retaining Walls. No matter the cause, our Polyurethane Injection Service will help Maintain the Bulkhead allowing it to provide the water barrier needed and increase its longevity.


Possible Causes of Seawall Failures: 


 ➤ High Water Levels

 ➤ Soil Erosion

 ➤ Degradation over time

 ➤ Waterline Failure

 ➤ Toe and Berm Failure

 ➤ Joint Separation

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Seawall restoration and repair with void filling and soil stabilization, through our polyurethane injection process is a great way to maintain your bulkhead without the cost and hassle of replacing it. The Poly Injection option is also incredibly more effective than alternative methods that tend to erode time and time again.


Suburban Basement Seawall Repair Services include:


➤ Bulkhead Repair

➤ Shoreline Foundation Repair

➤ Seawall Repair

➤ Void-Fill, Stabilization and Sealing

➤ Seawall Sealing

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