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Basement Wall Crack Repair

Void Filling – Using Polyurethane to Fill, Stabilize and Reinforce Open Spaces, such as: Under Concrete Slabs, Concrete Leveling, Driveways, Sidewalks, Walkways and Patios, Under Structures Both Commercial and Residential, Porches and Stairs

Stop Basement Leaks Today!

Say Goodbye to Leaky Basement Cracks and Hello to a Dry, Healthy Basement

Avoid Musty Odors, Mold Growth, and Water Damage with Our Fast, Affordable, and Minimally Disruptive Inject and Seal Crack Repair Service.

This Reliable Method Permanently Seals Basement Cracks and Leaks, Fixing Your Foundation Issues Without the High Cost of Full Basement Waterproofing.

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Understanding Basement Cracks and Leaks: Our Inject and Seal Crack Repair Solution….

Don't Ignore Basement Cracks (or Leaks)! Here Are Common Causes

Our Homes’ Foundations Are Constantly Under Pressure From the Elements, Which Can Lead to Basement Cracks and Leaks (Also Known as Foundation Leaks). Basement Cracks Can Be a Major Headache, But They Don’t Have to Cause Lasting Damage. Left Unaddressed, However, They Can Allow Water to Seep Into Your Basement, Leading to Flooding, Moisture Problems, and Even Structural Issues. In Addition, a Damp Basement Can Harbor Mold Growth, Creating a Musty Odor and Potential Health Risks.

  • Foundation Settlement: As the Foundation Settles Cracks can Naturally Form.
  • Concrete Curing Process: Poured Concrete Foundation can Develop Cracks During the Curing Process:
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles: These Cycles can Degrade the State of Your Basement.
  • Grading and Landscaping Issues
  • Tree Root Pressure
  • Clogged or Improperly Installed Gutters

Early Detection and Repair Can Prevent Major Headaches and Costly Water Damage. Keep An Eye Out for Cracks in Your Foundation and Contact Suburban Basement Waterproofing for a Free Estimate on Our Injection and Seal Crack Repair Service!

Spotting Leaky Basement Cracks: Proactively Protect Your Home

Locating and Identifying the Visible Signs of Basement Cracks and Leaks (Also Known as Foundation Leaks) Is the First Step to a Healthier Home Environment. Tracking Down the Source of Your Leak Requires Identifying These Signs and Following These Clues to the General Area Where a Wall Crack May Be Located. This May Require Moving Furniture or Removing Obstructions Like Drywall or Paneling to Reveal Any Potential Basement Cracks or Leaks. If You’re Uncomfortable Doing This Yourself, a Professional Waterproofing Company Can Help!

  • Water Stains: Look for Wet Areas, Damp Spots, or Rust-Colored Stains on Walls. 
  • Efflorescence: This White or Grayish, Powdery Substance Is Left Behind by Evaporating Water. 
  • Musty Odor or Mold Growth: Musty Odor or Mold Growth: Pay Attention to Any Unusual Smells or Signs of Mold Growth, Indicating Moisture Issues. 
  • Damaged Drywall: Check for Any Visible Damage to Drywall, Which Can Be a Sign of Water Intrusion. 

Once You’ve Located the Culprit, Contact a Professional Waterproofing Service Company Like Suburban Basement to Address It Quickly. Early Repair Can Prevent Costly Water Damage and Ensure a Healthy Home Environment. Our Experts Can Assess the Basement Wall Crack and Provide a Free Estimate to Inject and Seal the Crack, Fixing Your Basement Leaks for Good.

Targeted Basement Crack Repair: The Inject and Seal Process

When You Need to Put an End to Basement Leaks Quickly and Reliably Without Committing to a Full Basement System, Suburban Basement Has You Covered. Our Cost-Effective Basement Crack Sealant Offers Targeted, Long-Lasting Results Without the Need for Extensive Exterior Work. Contact Us Today for a Free Professional Assessment and Custom Estimate, and Don’t Forget to Inquire About Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty Included with Every Crack Repair.

At Suburban Basement, We Use High-Quality Epoxy or Polyurethane (Depending on Crack Width) to Effectively Seal Basement Cracks. Our Two-Appointment Process Ensures a Thorough Repair and a Clean Finish That Is Smoothed Out to More Closely Blend with Your Foundation Walls.

  • During the First Visit, We Install Surface Mounting Ports and Inject the Poly Material.

  • During the Second Visit, We Remove the Ports and Apply the Final Sealant.

We Understand That You Need to Fix Basement Cracks Without Committing to a Full Basement System. That’s Why We’re Here to Offer Our Expert Crack Sealing Services Without Any Upselling Pressure. Contact Suburban Basement Today for a Free Assessment from Professionals Who Understand Your Needs and Are Committed to Providing Reliable Solutions.

Why Choose Suburban Basement for Injection & Seal Basement Crack Repair?

We Understand That Basement Leaks (Also Known as Foundation Leaks) Can Be Stressful. Here's Why Suburban Basement Is the Right Choice for You:

  • Fast, Effective Repairs: Our Injection and Seal Process Is Completed in Just Two Appointments, Minimizing Disruption to Your Home.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Our Repairs Are Backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty for Your Peace of Mind.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our injection and seal process offers a targeted repair at a fraction of the cost of a full basement waterproofing system.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our Team Has Over 20 Years of Experience in Basement Waterproofing and Repair.
  • Clean and Minimally Disruptive: Our Process Minimizes Mess and Disruption to Your Living Space.
  • Free Assessments: Schedule a Free Inspection to Get a Customized Estimate for Your Specific Needs.

Don't Let a Leaky Basement Cause Further Damage or Frustration

Contact Suburban Basement Today

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Get Your Free Estimate on Our Injection & Seal Basement Crack Repair Service!

We Look Forward to Helping You Restore Your Basement and Your Peace of Mind!

Considerations and Additional Information

The Type of Foundation Your Basement Has Can Impact the Best Repair Approach for Cracks and Leaks. Knowing This Information Can Be Helpful When Discussing Repair Options with a Professional. Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Two Common Foundation Types:

Cinder Block and Poured Concrete Basement Identification

  • Cinder Block Foundation (Also Known as Concrete Block Foundation): Constructed from Blocks, These Foundations Have a Distinctive, Brick-Like Texture. They Are a Common and Durable Foundation Type, but over Time, Cracks Can Develop in the Mortar Joints Between the Blocks.
  • Poured Concrete Foundation: Formed by Pouring Liquid Concrete into Forms On-Site, Poured Concrete Foundations Create a Smooth Surface. While Generally Strong, Poured Concrete Foundations Can Develop Cracks Due to Settling or Pressure from the Surrounding Soil.

Effective Crack Repair Depends on the Specific Foundation Type and the Size and Location of the Crack. Contact Suburban Basement Today for a Complimentary Assessment and a Tailored Repair Solution.

Identifying the Type of Crack in Your Basement Wall Can Help Us Recommend the Most Effective Repair Solution, Such as Our Injection and Seal Process. Here’s a Breakdown of Common Crack Types:

Identifying Vertical, Horizontal and Stair-Step Cracks
  • Stair-Step Crack: A Diagonal Crack Following the Mortar Joints in Cinder Block Walls, Often Requiring Foundation Crack Sealing.
  • Horizontal Crack: A Crack Running Parallel to the Ground Along the Foundation Wall.
  • Vertical Crack: A Crack Running Vertically Top-to-Bottom Along the Foundation Wall.
  • Diagonal Crack: A Crack Running at an Angle Along the Foundation Wall, and May Require Foundation Crack Repair.

While Understanding the Type of Crack in Your Basement Wall Is Helpful, It’s Not Required for Us to Assess Your Situation. Suburban Basement Will Thoroughly Evaluate Your Basement Leak and Provide You with the Best Repair Option for Your Specific Needs.

Water Stains, Efflorescence, and Rust Stains Are All Telltale Signs of Moisture Problems in Your Basement. While They Might Seem Similar, They Each Point to Different Issues. Here’s a Quick Guide to Help You Identify Them:

Examples of stains that can be evidence of a leak.
  • Water Stains: Dark or Discolored Patches on Your Basement Walls or Floors, Often Appearing Wet or Damp. These Are a Clear Indication of a Leak.
  • Efflorescence: This White or Grayish, Powdery Substance Is Caused by Water Carrying Dissolved Minerals Seeping Through Cracks or Pores in the Foundation. As the Water Evaporates, These Minerals Are Left Behind as a Crusty Deposit.
  • Rust Stains: Unlike Water Stains, These Have a Reddish-Brown Color and Typically Form Around Areas with High Iron Content That Come into Contact with Moisture, Like Nails, Pipes, or Other Metal Objects.

What Do These Signs Mean for Basement Cracks?

Water Stains Are the Most Direct Sign of a Potential Crack in Your Foundation Wall. While Rust Stains Can Indicate Leaky Pipes or Improperly Coated Metal, Their Presence Alongside Water Stains Suggests a Possible Foundation Leak. Efflorescence, on the Other Hand, Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Crack, But It Can Indicate Moisture Issues That Could Lead to Cracks Over Time.

Call Suburban Basement for a Free Leak Repair Evaluation

If You’re Noticing Any of These Signs in Your Basement, It’s Important to Address Them Promptly. We Recommend Contacting a Professional Waterproofing Company Like Suburban Basement to Diagnose the Source of the Leak and Recommend the Best Course of Action. We Offer a Free Leak Repair Evaluation to Assess Your Situation and Provide a Customized Solution, Including Our Proven Injection and Seal Process to Permanently Fix Basement Wall Cracks and Prevent Future Leaks.

Over Time, Foundations Can Settle or Experience Additional Pressure, Causing Previously Repaired Cracks to Reappear or Leak Again (We Call This a “Re-Leak”). This Can Happen Due to a Variety of Reasons, Such as the Original Repair Not Being Strong Enough, or the Foundation Itself Moving Slightly.

Here at Suburban Basement, We’re Experienced in Fixing These Re-Leaking Cracks. Our Process Includes a Thorough Cleaning of the Existing Crack, Which Is Crucial to Ensure a Strong Bond for the New Sealant. We Then Use Our Proven Injection and Seal Method to Fill the Crack and We Guarantee Your New Repair with Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Before We Begin, Consider the Warranty:

  • Do You Have Paperwork from the Previous Repair Company? Check Warranty Coverage. They Might Be Responsible for the Repairs.
  • Did Suburban Basement Do the Original Repair? Contact Us to Discuss Warranty Options and Potentially Schedule a Complimentary Evaluation to Assess the Crack.

For Scheduling and Estimate Purposes: Previously Repaired Cracks Require More Repair Time Due to the Thorough Cleaning Needed for a Successful Repair, Which Can Affect the Cost. When Requesting an Estimate, Please Let Us Know If You Believe the Crack Was Previously Repaired So We Can Plan Accordingly.

Contact Suburban Basement Today for a Free Evaluation and Custom Repair Estimate with Our Lifetime Warranty to Fix Your Previously Repaired, Leaking Crack for Good! Our Experts Can Help!

Both Interior and Exterior Foundation Crack Repair Methods Can Waterproof Foundation Cracks and Fix Basement Leaks, But Interior Repairs Offer Significant Time and Cost Savings. Our Technicians Can Often Fix Cracks From Within Your Basement Using Our Proven Injection and Seal Method, Eliminating the Need for Excavation and Landscaping Disruptions, All While Saving on Time and Cost Compared to Exterior Solutions.

Interior Repair Benefits:

  • Faster and More Affordable: Interior Repairs Typically Take Less Time and Cost Less Than Exterior Solutions Because They Don’t Involve Excavation or Landscaping Work.
  • Less Disruptive: Since the Work Is Done Inside Your Basement, There’s No Disruption to Your Yard or Landscaping.

Drywall Considerations in Finished Basements:

Even When Considering Removing and Replacing Drywall for Interior Access, It’s Often Less Expensive Than Exterior Repairs. Additionally, If There’s a Leak, the Unseen Moisture Damage Behind the Drywall Might Necessitate Replacement Anyway, Potentially Leading to Musty Odors and Mold Growth.

We Understand That Some Homeowners May Prefer Exterior Repairs. If That’s the Case, Suburban Basement Can Provide a Comprehensive Evaluation and Estimate for Your Specific Needs.

Don't Wait! Call the Experts at Suburban Basement Today for a Free Estimate and Discuss Your Basement Crack Repair Options. We'll Help You Make the Best Decision for Your Situation.

Whether You’re Scheduling a Basement Crack Repair or an Initial Evaluation to Assess Leaks and Cracks, Here Are Some Simple Steps to Prepare the Area for a Smooth and Efficient Appointment:

Illustrating moving obstructions for appointment preparation

Clear the Area: Please Remove Any Large Furniture or Objects That May Obstruct the Technician’s Access to the Walls. For Assessment Appointments, This Will Likely Be a Smaller Area Around the Suspected Leak or Crack. For Repairs, the Technician May Need More Extensive Access Depending on the Severity of the Cracks.

Illustrating Drywall removal for appointment preparation

Prepare the Walls: To Ensure a Thorough Assessment and a Successful Repair (If Applicable), Drywall Removal Around the Suspected Leak or Crack Area Is Required.

Our Drywall Removal Guide Provides Helpful Instructions.

Need Help? If You’re Unable to Remove Drywall or Paneling Yourself, Don’t Worry! We Offer Options to Assist You. Just Let Us Know During Your Appointment Scheduling or Call Our Friendly Office Staff for Details.

Benefits of Preparation:

  • Accurate Assessments: Removing Drywall Allows Technicians to Perform a Thorough Evaluation of the Cracks and Surrounding Foundation During the Assessment, Leading to a More Accurate Diagnosis and Repair Plan.

  • Save Time: By Having the Area Prepared Beforehand, You Can Ensure a Smooth and Efficient Appointment for Both the Assessment and Any Subsequent Repairs and Avoid Any Scheduling Delays.

  • Most Effective Repairs: By Preparing the Area, You Are Ensuring the Technician Has the Space Needed to Successfully Repair the Area and Fix the Basement Crack with Our Long-Lasting Inject and Seal Process.

Schedule Your Free Basement Crack Repair Assessment Today! Our Experts Will Assess Your Foundation Cracks and Recommend the Best Solution to Keep Your Basement Dry and Healthy.

Cracks in Your Basement Wall Can Indicate Foundation Bowing or Pressure. Our Comprehensive Services Address These Concerns and More, Ensuring the Stability and Dryness of Your Basement:

  • Foundation Wall Braces (Steel Braces and Carbon Fiber Straps): Our Secure Foundation Wall Braces Stabilize Your Foundation, Preventing Further Damage from Bowing or Pressure and Protecting Your Home’s Value.
  • I-Beam Pocket Repairs: Cracks Near I-Beam Pockets Can Weaken These Vulnerable Areas, Increasing the Risk of Leaks. Our I-Beam Pocket Repairs Effectively Reinforce Them, Preventing Further Damage and Ensuring Long-Term Stability.
  • Window Pocket Repairs: Window Pockets Can Be Susceptible to Leaks, and Nearby Cracks Can Worsen the Problem. Our Window Pocket Repairs Address These Concerns by Reinforcing and Fortifying the Area, Preventing Future Water Infiltration and Ensuring Long-Term Stability.

In Addition to These Services, Suburban Basement Offers a Comprehensive List of Solutions to Address All of Your Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Needs, Including Concrete Leveling.

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