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Surface repairs with materials like mortar or caulk will not permanently seal the crack. These are merely topical. It may look good at first, but water will find its way through and push the surface material out with it.


Your best option is to have a professional seal the crack by injecting it with an epoxy polymer. This solution fills the full depth of the crack to prevent further erosion and eliminate the effects of further foundation settlement.


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Foundation cracks are not out of the ordinary. The chances that the crack is the result of a bigger issue is low. However, ignoring the problem, CAN LEAD to a bigger issue.


Cracks can develop in the foundation during the settling process, curing, Seasonal changes and due to grading and landscaping issues. We have some News articles that cover this in more detail.


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Our Inject and Seal Basement Crack repair starts with providing you an estimate, after receiving your request. Once an estimate is accepted, we schedule the repair. After it is completed, depending on the type of crack, you would either get a Clean-up appointment or we might ask you to do a water test. A water test helps to ensure the repair was sufficient. Our distinctive Clean-up appointment consists of removing the ports used during the repair and applying a final seal to the area that is paintable. Lastly, we cover your repair with our lifetime transferable warranty.


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Depending on the type of Foundation Repair we complete for you, we may ask you to perform a Water Test. This helps to ensure that the Repair is sufficient. To complete the test, run a hose outside, on the wall adjacent to the repair area. You will want to run the hose for 20-30 minutes. After running the hose go to the basement and see if any of the water is coming through. If there are no signs of leaking, you are all set. If you see signs of leaking, mark the area and take a picture. Some crack repairs may require a touch-up to completely seal the area and performing a water test will ensure that your repair is effective.


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There are times that a repaired area might require a touch-up. We try to avoid this situation by asking our customers to perform a Water Test and ensure the repair is sufficient. Fixing a previously repaired area will sometimes require chipping away at the product used. We are, however, usually able to fix these repairs. If the repair in question was completed by us and it was included in our Warranty, you can simply give us a call and we will address the issue promptly.


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