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Peace of Mind Guarantee

We’re committed to your satisfaction through clear communication, advanced solutions, exceptional service, and privacy protection.

Estimates and Scheduling



  •  We are available by phone, text, email, and website chat during business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM).
  • We will respond to inquiries received outside of business hours on the next business day.

Customer Responsibilities 

  • Preparation: Clear the area for assessments and follow pre-repair instructions on your estimate.
  • Water Testing: You may be required to conduct a water test to confirm successful repairs.
  • Payment: Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, check, credit card (2.99% fee), and bank transfer (1% fee).
  • Financing: Please see Financing Options Terms of Use here.

 Access and Safety

  • Signed estimates authorize work. Provide unobstructed access, electrical power, and running water for the work area.
  • Permits: We obtain required permits (noted on the estimate). Inspectors may visit the worksite.
  • Health Concerns: Notify us of anyone sick and contagious in the home.

 Ventilation and Odor Advisory

  • Some waterproofing materials may have mild odors generally localized to the basement, they may be noticeable within the residence
  • Advise our office prior to scheduling if any individuals and/or pets in the home may be sensitive to odors.
  • In the event of an obnoxious odor, opening windows, running ventilation fans or air purifiers may help dissipate the smell.
  • Please contact emergency services for assistance if anyone in the home is believed to be negatively affected by present odors.

Contact Suburban Basement for questions. Call 586-465-5500 or email [email protected].

 Maintenance and Warranty

Maintain the repairs and surrounding area to uphold the warranty. See Warranty Terms here.

Ask about our Lifetime Warranty

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