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Structural Void Filling Remediation for Underground Abandoned Installations

Suburban Basement offers specialized structural void filling remediation services to address voids within abandoned underground installations when demolition is not an option.

Suburban Basement offers specialized structural void filling remediation services to address voids within abandoned underground installations. When demolition is not an option our team of experts is equipped to provide effective remediation to ensure stability of the infrastructure.

Benefits of Structural Void Filling Remediation:
  » Enhances structural stability: Filling voids prevents further settlement and structural movement
  » Improves safety: Addressing underground voids mitigates potential hazards like sinkholes and collapses, ensuring a safer environment.
  » Extends infrastructure lifespan: By filling voids and preventing further deterioration.
  » Reduces repair costs: Proactive void filling can prevent costly repairs and replacements that may be necessary due to void-related damage.

Structural Void Filling Remediation Services Include various underground installations such as the following abandoned underground installations:
  » Cellar
  » Underground Utilities
  » Storage tanks
  » Tunnels and other buried structures
  » Decommissioned Septic Tanks
  » And more

Contact us today for a free consultation and assessment of your underground void filling needs.
Our experienced team is committed to providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to ensure the safety of your infrastructure.

A Closer Look: Abandoned Cellar Remediation – Structural void filling
Suburban Basement was tasked with addressing an abandoned cellar that was causing water intrusion into a homeowner’s basement. The cellar had fallen into disrepair and was no longer in use, posing a significant challenge for remediation.

Demolishing the cellar wasn’t an option due to the presence of a wooden porch. This process could have damaged the porch, requiring costly repairs or replacement. Recognizing this significant expense, our expert team devised a cost-effective solution utilizing our structural void technique and specialized materials to effectively seal off the abandoned cellar.

The plan aimed to preserve existing water lines for future access while resolving the leakage issue. To execute the plan, the area was temporarily walled off, allowing our technicians to create space for a brick mason to further close off the area.

Structural void filling is a multi-stage process, and below, you can find an overview of the steps involved:

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