Polymer Foam Concrete Leveling and Void Filling
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Polymer Foam Concrete Leveling, Stabilization and Void Filling Uses:


(Almost anywhere Commercial and Residential that you have Uneven or Sinking Concrete Slabs, for example:)


Poly Leveling

➤ Under Homes and Garages

➤ Free Floating Industrial Slabs

➤ Driveway Leveling

➤ Sidewalk Repair

➤ Concrete Patios or Decks

➤ Parking Lots

➤ Concrete Steps

➤ Soil Reinforcement and Stabilization

➤ Stopping Erosion


Concrete Leveling can also Resolve some Drainage issues due to the Slope of the Concrete. It also Reduces Risk to Personal Injury due to Slips, Trips and Falls.


Concrete Lifting with Polymer Foam may also be referred to as:


Void Filling and Concrete Leveling Process

➤ Concrete Leveling

➤ Concrete Lifting

➤ Concrete Raising

➤ Slab Jacking or Slabjacking

➤ Concrete Jacking

➤ Poly Jacking or Polyjacking

➤ Foam Jacking or Foamjacking


Typically, with Concrete Raising you have 3 options:


➤ Replacement – Costly, Messy and Time Consuming

➤ Mud Jacking or Mudjacking – Messy and Prone to Sinking

➤ Poly Jacking or Polyjacking – Timely, Efficient and Cost Effective


The Benefits to Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane (Polyfoam) are:


➤ Reinforcement – Polymer Foam Reacts with Water and Soil and Cures into a Solid Mass

➤ Strength and Support – the AP Lift series of Polymer Foam Supports up to 14,000 Pounds per Square Foot

➤ Soil Compaction – AP Lift Foam Compacts loose Soil to create a Strong Substrate

➤ Quick and Long-Lasting Repairs – Concrete slabs Lifted with Polymer Foam can be used the Same Day and Last for Decades


**Concrete Leveling and Winter Weather:

Exterior Polymer Foam Lifting is not Completed in Winter due to changes in the Soil as the Ground Freezes and Thaws. For Best Results Exterior Concrete Lifting is done when the Ground has Thawed which insures Better Void Filling and Stabilization. We offer a waiting list to those who would like to be contacted in the Spring for Concrete Leveling Estimates.**


Suburban Basement offers Concrete Leveling with Void Filling, Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs in Southeastern Michigan. Stopping Leaks and keeping Basements Dry for over 20 years. We proudly serve Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Lapeer County and Wayne County. Most Repairs carry our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
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