Concrete Void Filling

Void Filling – Using Polyurethane to Fill, Stabilize and Reinforce Open Spaces


Concrete Void Filling Service

Polymer Foam Void Filling and Stabilization Used For:


➤ Under Concrete Slabs

Concrete Leveling 

➤ Driveways, Sidewalks, Walkways and Patios

➤ Under Structures Both Commercial and Residential

➤ Porches and Stairs

➤ Abandoned Oil and Septic Tanks

➤ Decommissioned City Pipes

➤ Prevent Future Costly Repairs


Unattended Voids Can Cause a Multitude of Issues Including:


➤ Tilted, Leaning and Buckling Walls

➤ Bowls, Dips and Uneven Floors

➤ Becoming Home to Unwanted Critters

➤ Cracking, Shifting, Rocking and Sinking Concrete Slabs

➤ Costly Future Repairs

➤ Total Foundation Disruption

Voids Occur When Foundation Soil is or Becomes Unstable.


What Causes Unstable Soil?


➤ Poor Compaction

➤ Washout

➤ “Man-Made” Occurrences

➤ Freeze/Thaw Cycles

➤ Clogged Gutters and Short Downspouts

➤ Leaking Sewer or Water Lines

➤ Drought 

➤ Hydrostatic Pressure 

➤ Poor Maintenance 

➤ Burrowing Critters

➤ Organic Decay


Why Choose Polyurethane Foam for Void Filling?


➤ Lightweight – Stabilizes Without Adding Unwanted Weight to the Substrate

➤ Minimal Disruption – Less Invasive and Cures More Quickly Than Other Methods Such as Mudjacking

➤ The Poly Foam Expands in All Directions of the Injection Site Resulting in More Stable Sub-Soils

➤ Cost Effective and Less Downtime Required

➤ Eco-Friendly – Made from Recycled Material and Will Not Pollute Surrounding Soil

➤ Strong and Long Lasting – Consolidates All Soil, Rock, and any Organic Material Under the Slab

➤ Stability – Unlike Mudjacking, Polyurethane Foam Won’t Erode, Shrink, or Settle Over Time

➤ Polyurethane Void Filling Foam Supports, Lifts, and Levels Concrete Slabs

Suburban Basement offers Concrete Leveling with Void Filling, Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs in Southeastern Michigan. Stopping Leaks and keeping Basements Dry for over 20 years. We proudly serve Macomb County, St. Clair County, Oakland County, Lapeer County and Wayne County. Most Repairs carry our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
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