Mudjacking vs Polyjacking

November 17, 2022

Suburban Basement was recently contacted for Concrete Leveling Services where we quickly discovered the area had a previous repair completed by Mudjacking. The concrete slabs in question had settled back down to the level it was before the original repair.

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Polyfoam vs Mudjacking

Mudjacking is a method used for concrete leveling or slabjacking.  It uses large drill holes and heavy machinery to fill mud under buildings, driveways and other sunken concrete slabs in order to fill voids and lift the slab. Mudjacking relies on underlying soils to support the lifted concrete. The “Mud” and underlying soil are not moisture resistant and are both subjected to and impacted by the same elements that led to the cracking and sinking of the concrete.

Mudjacking drill holes

One of the obvious signs that concrete has had mudjacking is the larger and more numerous drill holes used in the mudjacking process. Polyjacking with Polymer Foam requires fewer and smaller drill holes used to inject the foam under the slab. This results in repairs that are more subtle when completed.

The Polyurethane that is used in our Concrete Leveling Services reacts with the soil causing it to harden. This stabilizes not only the concrete but the soil as well giving your repair longevity that Mudjacking cannot provide.

The Polyjacking process cures in a matter of minutes after cleanup as opposed to the 24 to 72 hours it can take for mudjacking to cure. This allows you the convenience of using the slab for your home or business, the same day it is repaired.

The Polymer Foam is moisture and water resistant which means that it creates a moisture barrier and further protects your building or home. Mudjacking does not offer such moisture resistance. 

Mudjacking weighs about 100 lbs. per cubic foot on average which can further burden the already weak soil under a sunken slab. Polyurethane on the other hand is significantly lighter, weighing only 2 to 4 lbs. per cubic foot.

Mudjacking is less expensive than Polyjacking. However, if you account for the quality and the aptitude for failure Polyjacking is the clear choice for concrete leveling repairs that you can count on. This is why Suburban Basement does not offer Mudjacking services when it comes to Concrete Lifting.

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